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The Ivium demoSTAT

Your smart introduction to electrochemical instrumentation





Performs all conventional Electrochemical techniques, including impedance to 100kHz.

Low risk investment
First try out the demoSTAT-lite which is limited to scans of short duration. After performance is confirmed, upgrade to demoSTAT-pro that has no limitations!


Direct route to professional instrumentation
Method and datafiles are directly compatible with the professional Ivium Instruments, for a seamless progression to research grade work: higher accuracy and wider dynamic range.

Learn more about Ivium and our demoSTAT below!

Ivium Technologies
Ivium Technologies was founded in 2001 and is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We develop and supply potentiostats/galvanostats for electrochemical research, and are currently one of the world leading suppliers of such equipment.


These are electrical devices that apply and measure voltage/ current, which are used to investigate chemical processes that generate or consume electrical current, such as batteries / solarcells / electroplating / corrosion / electrical sensors/ etc.

The demoSTAT
The demoSTAT is a potentiostat/galvanostat that was developed as a demonstration version to do quick verification tests, to see whether Ivium instruments would suit your application. It works exactly the same as the standard Ivium scientific equipment but it is limited in range and accuracy.


Download corresponding software by clicking on the icon below!

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